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Ever wondered how “Eye On Washington With Marilee Joyce” is able to keep Nevadans up on all the Federal news you need to know?  It’s all due to the generous support of our sponsor companies and organizations

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“Eye On Washington with Marilee Joyce” is grateful to the fine Nevada companies, organizations and associations who advertise on our program and thereby help us pay our station, studio and production costs. 

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Is your company able to join them and help us to keep offering imagesour nonpartisan program that keeps you on top of all the federal news that matters most to the Silver State?

  • We stay on the air on our statewide television and radio stations solely due to our supporters.  And as we seek to continuously broaden our outreach, our costs continue to rise.
  •  Being on television and radio in every Nevada market with a media presence requires a large financial commitment on our part to the stations on which we air.  AND WE NEED YOUR HELP TO FULFILL OUR COMMITMENT TO BOTH OUR PARTNER STATIONS AND TO SERVING YOU.

Those companies and organizations who help our show certainly benefit in return. 

  • The investment on your sponsorship can hardly be measured. We provide  positive promotion and publicity for our supporters on our statewide stations (FOX, CBS and NBC affiliates) as well as numerous additional sponsorship benefits. There is a reason most of the fine Nevada companies who support our show renew their sponsorships year after year after year.
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