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Nevada’s largest and farthest-reaching program and the Only statewide show produced in our nation’s capital.

We are the Only Nevada show that attracts federal, state and international leaders (we’ve even featured Five Cabinet Secretaries!)

For all the federal news Nevadans need to know: Watch “Eye On Washington with Marilee Joyce” statewide on our 14 stations!

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Nevada’s Washington Watch is Nevada’s only publication produced in Washington, DC and which focuses on how federal news affects the state’s residents and businesses.

Our large NWW staff covers all the federal issues that matter most to Nevadans, including gaming, mining, water, nuclear waste, the economy, the environment, education, healthcare and much more.

Our top notch reporters include well-known-to-Nevadans like former Reno Gazette-Journal veteran Frank X. Mullen and longtime Las Vegas Sun writer Mary Manning.

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