September 21st, 2018



Jessica Santina’s
Congressional Delegation Legislation Update


Beyond the Beltway with Michael Green
What the Home Folks Think, and Whether It Matters… 


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Our September Focus

Our Focus On Education

Aiming For An A+ … One Student At A Time

Our Cover Writer Frank X. Mullen Tells Us How The State Is Getting More Control Over Student Assessments:
Nevada Aims To Have “Fastest Improving” Schools In Nation
By Frank X. Mullen

And Frank Looks At Whether Education Stats Reflect Recent Gains:
Officials: State’s Dismal Report Card Based On Old Data 
By Frank X. Mullen

And Our Exclusive Guest Editorial:
Student Access Without Success Means No Opportunity
By Dr. Thom Reilly, Chancellor
Nevada System Of Higher Education

And Nevada’s Favorite Columnist Michael Green On:
The Ironies And Enigma Of Paul Laxalt