February 19th, 2018



Jessica Santina’s
Congressional Delegation Legislation Update


Beyond the Beltway with Michael Green
A Vlasic Situation… 

AND!  Check out Michael Green’s
Inside The Beltway: Our distinctive columnist’s unique
look at the federal issue of the day!

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Our February Focus

Healthcare & The Effort To End Obamacare:  What Will It Mean To Nevadans?

Our Frank X. Mullen Reports On: Record Enrollment In 2018, Soaring Costs For Middle Class & Uncertainty Moving Forward

And Where Does The Congressional Delegation Stand?
Frank X. Mullen On:
The Party Line Split

And Comments From Our Delegation

Our Exclusive Health Care Guest Editorial
Our Healthcare Expert Larry Matheis On:

Access, Coverage and Politics: Uncertainty in American Health Care

And Our Exclusive Guest Editorial
Renown Health President & CEO Dr. Tony Slonim On The Importance Of The CHIP Program To Nevada:
A Plea to Congress: Save the Children’s Health Insurance Program