December 10th, 2018



Jessica Santina’s
Congressional Delegation Legislation Update

Beyond the Beltway with Michael Green
Blue Nevada? 

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Our End of Year Focus

The Battle Season
Our Look At The Growing Negativity Of Today’s Elections

Our Cover writer Frank X. Mullen On:  Nevada Senate Candidates In 24-Hour Attack Mode

Accentuating The Negative:
Lying, Betrayal, And Weaponized Words In Attack Ads

As If You Need Reminding…

Ads From The Battleground:

Rosen’s ad: politician as invertebrate  And here’s a variation on the theme.
Heller’s ad and what he sees as Rosen’s neglect of veterans’ issues today

And Our Insider Michael Green On The Hardy/Horsford Showdown:
H vs. H … Again

Be Sure To Always Check Out Our Legislative Correspondents’ Jessica Santina’s Regularly Update News On The Latest Bills From The Nevada Delegation!